Bird Removal in Palm Coast

While birds may seem harmless, having them nest in your home or commercial property can cause a variety of issues, including noise, mess, and even disease. For the health, safety, and peace of your property, it’s best to have birds removed professionally.

Birds are protected under wildlife laws and must be removed from your property humanely. The bird control experts at Shoreline Turf & Pest Control Inc have the skills and knowledge to carefully relocate birds and ensure they don’t return to your property in the future.

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Understanding the Importance of a Bird Nest Removal

Birds will make their nests anywhere that seems safe from predators and close to a food supply. You may find birds nesting along your roofline, attic, garage, chimney, etc.

Birds themselves are not usually harmful to humans, and many people will ignore a bird issue. The problem is that birds will not leave your home if they don’t have a reason to. Often the problem will only worsen if not addressed.

Despite being mostly harmless, the presence of birds in your building does pose a variety of risks, including:

  • Mess
  • Noise nuisance
  • Destroyed garden crops
  • Fire risk
  • Spreading of ectoparasites (fleas, mites, and ticks)
  • Diseases
  • Mold and fungus

Bird Control Service: Inspection

Before our experts can safely and effectively remove birds from your property, we need to get an idea of the problem at hand. Different birds will require different removal tactics, and understanding the extent of bird presence is crucial to successful extermination.

Some of the most common birds we remove from homes and commercial properties include:

  • Blackbirds
  • Doves
  • Starlings
  • Swallows
  • Pigeons
  • And more

Once our specialists have completed the inspection, we will provide you with a report explaining the bird’s presence, the bird’s location, and the risks posed. We will then schedule the bird removal at a convenient time.

We will happily provide you an estimate for the cost and duration of the removal service before we get to work.

Bird Removal and Relocation

Our experts have been working in this industry for years. We have the skills to safely and humanely capture birds and remove them from your property altogether. If baby birds or eggs are present, we will ensure that the nest is safely relocated outside the home in a safe space, where the babies can continue to be cared for by their mother until they can fly on their own.

Bird Deterrent Services

Once the birds are safely relocated, our experts will take necessary measures to protect your home or business from similar issues down the road. We will completely decontaminate the infected area, do repairs where appropriate, and seal off all potential entry points throughout your building.

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