Bee Removal in St. Augustine

If you have found a troublesome beehive on your St. Augustine property, look no further than Shoreline Turf & Pest Control Inc. Our professional bee removal service is the only resource you need for a swift and permanent solution.

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The Shoreline Turf & Pest Control Inc Bee Removal Promise

Bees provide a number of benefits to humans, including pollinating flowers and creating honey, but once they start to infest your home or business, it’s a different story. At Shoreline Turf & Pest Control Inc, we’re proud to be the area’s go-to bee removal specialist. When you schedule our team for rapid bee removal services, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Risk-free quotes
  • Timely arrivals
  • Fair prices
  • Friendly and qualified staff 
  • Preventative measures to stop bees from returning
  • Easy to schedule service 

Bee Control Assessments

Our goal is first and foremost to provide you with effective bee relocation without the need for extermination. To create the right plan of action, we first need to thoroughly survey your property to understand the extent of your infestation.

We are experts at sniffing out the common problem areas and sneaky places that bees can make their home, such as trees, chimneys, under decks, and even in your walls. Once our bee exterminators have the full picture, we will get to work on finding the best solution. 

Professional Bee Removal

Our goal is to help bring your buzzing intruders to a safer environment where they can continue to pollinate flowers and produce honey. We only exterminate as a last resort, because this can often have more negative effects and create more work. Our approach also has the added benefit of not exposing our clients to any potentially harmful pesticides.

Preventing the Need for Future Bee Control

With bee removal, getting rid of their physical presence is only half the battle. Our staff takes all the necessary precautions to ensure that you do not have a repeat infestation. This includes making sure that any dead bees are cleaned up and that we completely eliminate the odor of beeswax. In addition, we will search for any small entry points that could be used by bees to enter your property. By the time we are finished, you can feel confident that your problem has been effectively eradicated. 

Prompt Response Times on Bee Removal

Finding bees on your property is, understandably, cause for alarm. After seeing these unwanted insects, it can be impossible to relax on your property. It’s for this reason that we always strive to provide our services in a timely fashion. When you reach our line, you can rest assured that we will find the nearest convenient time for us to inspect your property and start the removal process. 

Your Go-To Bee Removal Company 

Get back to enjoying your property in St. Augustine with our efficient and affordable bee control. We have helped a great number of people eliminate their bee problems safely and completely. So give us a call today at (386) 627-8541 and see what all the buzz is about.